Listening to episode 138 of Analog(ue) made me sad.

Myke said he is continuing to use Twitter because “that’s where his audience is”, “that’s how he gets the word out about his latest project”; essentially it’s how he makes his money.
This way of thinking that makes me sad.

I’m not saying that Myke is wrong in thinking that he would like to continue promoting his content to his audience, but what about the members of his audience who wants to leave Twitter?

Myke said that without Twitter, he wouldn’t be able to find out if his favourite YouTube star or internet celebrity is releasing a new project.
What if said favourite celebrity also had their own website? Then fans would have something to follow other than Twitter.
Personally, as a fan, I would love it if the internet notables I like post project updates and the likes on their own blogs. That way I can follow them without using Twitter.

Perhaps instead of completely killing off their Twitter account, internet notables like Myke should try keeping a blog that they update as much as Twitter (cross-posting is perfectly fine). They might find that if given an alternative, fans would follow them to other channels.

3 thoughts on “Diversify the way you promote your content – from a fans’ perspective

  1. @vishae It’s a cycle that disappoints me. We see the same thing in reporting and general content as well — the ones that are in a position to create some kind of change don’t want to, and the ones that are trying hard don’t have the following to create any sort of impact. And round and round it goes.


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