Went to two K-Marts, called up three Targets, went to Myer in Knox City, placed an online order as a backup, then finally went to Myer in the city, and had to plead and beg for the lady to check their storage for the tree that their website said they had 8 in stock of (and that she insisted she was out of stock of)… before coming home with all this… apparently it’s very hard to buy a Christmas tree on the first weekend of December… 😡

I’d originally wrote up this ranting entry on how I wish people would put up Christmas decoration properly in the office, about how nothing is sadder than tinsel randomly draped over dying office plants or sticky-taped to cubicle walls and falling down constantly through the month.

But then I thought it wasn’t very Christmas-y of me to do that. So instead I just wanted to mention one little tip that would hopefully make decorating the office quicker, neater, and overall, more aesthetically pleasing.
(Now I know a lot of veteran decorators out there already know this, so please bear with me)

Instead of using sticky tape, that just looks messy, use these instead:

Command Decorating Clips

These things would save you heaps of headache.

Just stick these on your cubicle, on your walls or ceiling, and hang your decorations from them with thread or fishing wire. These hooks would stay fairly hidden (especially behind bunched up tinsel), strong enough so they won’t fall in the middle of December, and is easy to remove in January without damaging the wall.

I don’t even plan on removing mine. Instead I’ll probably hang my Valentines decorations on those hooks in February!