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Ugh, talk about being a bully. 😑

I actually prefer websites that still list Hong Kong as a separate entity.

People who’ve watched the recent Australian Open might have noticed something similar. Where all other athletes have their national flag next to their names on tv, Taiwan athletes don’t have that.

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TL;DR: Ladies, buy men’s face wash! 😡

The article gives a couple of weak examples, but this is something I experienced the other day:

I went into my local Myers to buy a new face wash. I saw that a new charcoal face wash had come out, but unfortunately all the women’s charcoal face wash was sold out.
Interestingly, the men’s charcoal face wash was still available.

Screen cap of Myer’s online store. Men’s charcoal face wash for $35, women’s charcoal face wash for $35

On the surface the two face wash looks the same, the only difference is that one is sold in the men’s section of the store (the one with the black lid) and one is sold in the women’s section (the one with the blue lid).
We asked the sales person what the difference between the two product was. She checked the ingredients list on the product and said they were the same. They’re even the same price.

What we did notice though, was that for the same price the men’s face wash is 200ml and the women’s one is 150ml.

It’s not a lot, I grant you, but why is there any difference to begin with?
Needless to say, I bought the men’s face wash home.